All Writers NEED This Program!!! NOW!!!

Dragon Natural Speaking Voice Recognition

Dragon WILL save you from carpal tunnal

I recently decided to tackle a project far beyond anything I’d normally do. This was a huge one that paid a nice sum of $3600 plus a $400 bonus upon completion.

After a few days I realized this project was going to be hell on the wrists and pretty damn boring too. I tried to find writers to help me out but most people I try to work with suck and don’t keep up the pace or whatever.

The solution to my hassle and irritation was suggested by a friend of mine who works with disabled people. I used to work with him in that company but times were a little different 10 years ago.

She said “why not use voice recognition software?”

I looked at her like an idiot while feeling the tendon in my arm twitch and rubbed my numb fingers of my left hand.

The first thing I tried was Windows built in software. It’s crap. Sort of funny if you feel like trying it but definitely not for “work”.

The next one I’d heard of before. It’s called


and the freakin thing works. Does it work if you are screaming into your laptop’s built in mic? No. It sucks. BUT if you shell out $20 for a headset and mic, this program ACTUALLY WORKS.

Not only does it work, it significantly boosts my word count for some reason. My typical 500 word articles magically became 700 word articles. It’s probably just because your brain doesn’t have to take as many steps. The nerves that go from brain to fingers don’t need to be activated at all until you’re finished with the document.


Sure it messes up here and there and if a dog farts near you, the word filter gets screwed up. This must be used in relative silence. I have 4 kids and it’s annoying when they get home so I use it late at night or when I’m alone. If I have a tv on across the room, it doesn’t mind.

I really don’t know if there’s a demo but if there is, TRY IT RIGHT NOW.

I wouldn’t recommend this thing unless I tried it myself. As a matter of fact, I wrote this WHOLE ARTICLE using it.

I had a root canal recently so this software doesn’t like me saying “IS” very much but that’s the only time I had to edit anything.

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