Constant Content REVISITED 2011

It’s been a while since I spoke about Constant Content but according to my CC authors page 76 of you have taken the time to register for them.

How many of you have written something?


What gives people? You are breaking the first rule of making money at home! YOU HAVE TO DO IT! hahaha!

2/76 is really, really horrible. I’ve offered personal assistance to ANYONE who needs it and have never gotten a message from any of you. This blog is here to help you out. Leave your pride at the door and ask for help! Constant Content is notoriously hard on grammar and rejects a lot, even by me.

You CAN make working online work for you, you just have to push through and keep working, no matter what. I don’t know about you but I like money and my four kids depend on me. Now, BACK TO THE ARTICLE!

All I can say is Constant Content is THE highest paying site on the internet. There’s no competition. Just today, I looked through some public requests and picked up a set of 300 word articles at $15 each! That’s pretty freakin sweet if you ask me!

Constant Content is the best place you’ll find to submit anything you want. It does have to be formatted properly but you can write about anything at all! I’ve sold articles about puppy care, tours of Berlin, web design, cat toys and more random junk.

A cool feature of this site is the “Recently Sold” button. This literally tells you what topics are hot so you can jump aboard and take advantage of the trends. Insurance, though a bland topic, sells extremely high and extremely often.

I’m telling you right now, EVERY SINGLE article you ever write NEEDS to be rewritten so it’s 100% original then placed on Constant Content. This goes triple for you Yahoo! Contributor people. If you are relying on that for any type of income, you can do much better with Constant Content, it just takes a little more time and effort.

Read all of the writers guidelines until you know them forward and backward. This will ensure you don’t get rejections all the time and will improve your overall writing ability for other sites. That leads to higher pay, better clients and more cash in your pocket.

Please, do yourself and your family a favor. Put some articles on Constant Content this weekend if not sooner. If you are scared of the editors, do small 300-400 word pieces and price them $10-$20 each for full rights. Any rejection should be studied closely so you know the type of things the editors don’t like.


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