Constant Content! YES! AGAIN!

Constant Content

Ok guys, I know I’ve been gone for a long time and honestly you don’t want to know.

The bottom dropped out on my little sites I’d been basically living off of (thanks Google) and while I maintain the integrity of useful sites with fun stories and whatnot, sometimes you’re dealt a bad hand and get the shaft.

Instead of giving up fully, I did what I had to do and this basically consisted of me having to go back to “out of high school” mode and snatching up any available job. I now work nights at a gas station and hold on a second, guess what?!

I can use that very quiet time to jot down ideas, outlines for articles and things like that. Plus I get free coffee and expired bagels.

Can’t complain!

Now if you’re like me and used writing for various clients as your primary income or just something fun on the side, the bottom probably dropped out for you too. There’s at least one exception, someone I handed to a client of mine who promptly fired me because she could churn out more articles than me per week. You’re welcome.

I went back to Constant Content and have been plugging away with them for just a couple weeks as of this posting.

I LOVE IT. I mean I always have but this is like running into an old high school sweetheart and she’s now divorced, totally smoking hot and remembers how nice you were. It’s that great to me.

They are still very strict about letting people in so you will need impeccable English skills, an interesting sample article to write for them and lots of patience. You will be rejected the first time usually. Do exactly what they tell you, read the writer guides, read the forum, read articles from other writers. That should help you out a lot.


Just so you know, I make an average of 8 cents per word there with basic, non-requested articles. That’s 8x as much as you will get as a noob on Don’t discard Freelancer though, keep building your rep there as much as possible.

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