Digital Point Revisited (2011): A great place to make a quick buck!

For some reason I couldn’t upload an image at this time. Anyway, it’s a very green forum.


I’ve mentioned Digital Point more than once over the course of this blog and for some good reasons. Here are a few:

You can sell articles.
You can land short-term and long-term gigs.
You can learn how others are making money online.
You can use your forum posts to backlink to your own blogs/sites.
You can check out the competition
You can get a feel for just how skilled (or unskilled) you are in the world of content writing.

What I like about Digital Point that most people don’t like is their posting policy. Here it is:

You must have been a member for 14 days, not have an overall red reputation and have 25 total posts to post in the Buy, Sell or Trade forum (which includes link exchanges) or the Politics & Religion forum.

That means you HAVE to participate in the community in order to have access to they Buy, Sell or Trade area. This drastically reduces the amount of bullshit you’re likely to come across because people are typically too impatient to wait a whole two weeks to try to earn some money.


When I first joined, I made many of my initial posts as website reviews. If you’re more comfortable with Affiliate Marketing, SEO or some other category, use that or a combination of them.

Now, here are the main things you’ll want to know as a writer.


Landing a good job is relatively easy on Digital Point if you have samples to show. The best method is to simply link potential clients to your personal website or blog that showcases your skills and talents and features a handful of writing samples. I like to have about five samples that are easily accessed from my homepage and are all very, very different.

When PMing the client, you’ll want to include anything pertinent such as “Native English Speaker” “Experienced in this particular niche” “Can write for any demographic” etc.. Try to make yourself stand out. Be funny, creative or more professional than anyone else could possibly be. Me? I tend to go the funny route. Many clients like a writer they hire to chit chat through Gtalk as they work and if you come across as likable, they will probably ask you first when other work arises.


DO NOT LIE. If you have no experience writing about solar flares, say so. Tell them you’re more than willing to spend a little time researching the subject.

DO NOT GIVE FREEBIES. Many people will ask for a free sample. If they only want to buy 10 articles and 25 writers try to get the gig and deliver free samples, This guy just got 25 articles for free and the gig is gone before it began.

STATE YOUR PRICE UP FRONT. If you only work for 4 cents/word, say so in your offer. I typically start high but put “Willing to negotiate prices” in my offer. Negotiation could mean buy 9 articles get one free or something else that doesn’t take a lot of my time and could make the client happy. You don’t want to type for 8 hours straight only to realize you never stated a price and you get a whopping $1 per article.

GET $$$ UP FRONT FOR LARGE GIGS. If you accept something that requires over 10 articles, Ask for something up front. Some clients won’t do this and some will give you 30-50% up front. It’s nice to have money quickly and really tells you this client means business.


A great thing about Digital Point is that you can sell your own stuff at your own price. If you have a popular niche such as “Diet Pills” or “Acne Creams” and whip up 5-10 articles on these subjects, they should be snagged quickly

Here’s an example of someone selling an article pack:

(Subject Line)
[WTS] Health Articles $50.00

(Post Body)
All articles are unique and pass copyscape premium – all articles are written by American writers – (No spins or bad English) Buyer reserves rights to all articles after purchase – articles only sold once to one buyer – PM me for a sample.
PM me your offers and we may be able workout a deal on a bulk price
Available to chat directly on gmail add me: xxxx

In this post are the Titles of the articles followed by the word count.

This is the best way to sell your articles. In themed packages with titles and word count listed in the post.


Many people on Digital Point are Affiliate Marketers. A great way to sell article packs is to visit Clickbank, select a category, and write articles that would compliment products in that category. This type of article pack FLIES out of there leaving quick, easy $$$ in your PayPal account.

I really must insist that you all at least browse around Digital Point to check it out. It’s full of useful information for those who either work at home now or have a desire to do so.


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