Have You Tried “Groups”?

Today, let’s talk about the dreaded “groups.”

Some of you writers may have first joined these when looking for your first gig. Chances are, you joined weird ones that just flooded your inbox with garbage. This is good if you want a lot of options and don’t like clicking around all day looking for them. It’s bad if you don’t like inbox clutter.

The basic “groups” can be found on Yahoo! and Google and should have “writing job” in the name.

There are a few worth checking out but I won’t put a lot here. You can fill your inbox way too fast. If you want to join a bunch, make a couple alternative e-mails for this purpose only.

These groups are great for my NON-US friends out there because many groups are sorted by region. Just put in “work at home”, “Writing Jobs”, or anything you’re interested in doing in the group search and you should get an option to choose from US, Asia, Eur, etc. Pretty cool.

Yahoo! Group

Freelance Writing Jobs (I mentioned this one in my first post I think) This one has the Morning Coffee Tuesday job listings sent to you. I like it.

It’s a lot of craigslist mixed with basic sites you may have overlooked but it only comes once a week which is nice.

(Next post Break Studios)

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