How Project Recycling Can MAKE YOU MONEY!

This could happen. If you bust your ass working.

Well, by now either you readers are simply robots who have nothing to say to me, think I’m full of shit OR think maybe I could possibly know what I’m talking about.

I’d prefer to think the last option there but all are probably perfectly legit.

You’ve read my title and are saying “What the hell is this idiot talking about now?”

It’s simple and everyone should do it. I’ve mentioned it before multiple times but nobody is even trying it as far as my psychic powers are telling me. (someone comment once in a while please)


If you follow this sporadically updated blog at all, you’ll recall that just recently I did a project. A HUGE project. I banked about $3600 between this one and another. A friend of mine helped on one of these projects and made $1000 of that. I ended up having to redo most of this whole project due to a communication error with the initial client.

Most people would be pissed and either vanish or simply say “HELL NO” to rewriting hundreds of articles. I say “BRING IT ON.”


It’s simple. All those “unusable” articles have now become assets. I can choose to do many different things with them.

1. Delete them out of spite. This

This is the dumbest idea ever but yes I considered it. DO NOT DO THIS EVER.

2. Use them to make a similar yet better website as the initial project and keep it.

Let’s say this project was a massive article set on Legos. They’ll make their lego site with my new stuff. I take the old stuff and make my own to compete with them. Shady? A little bit. Profitable? HELL YES.

3. Same as #2 BUT I sell the whole damn site.

This could potentially fly upwards of 5K USD. Even without promoting it. Not too shabby.

4. Sell blocks of articles on some site like Digital Point or Wickedfire.

This is a good option but only if the above fail if you ask me. Seems like a pain in the ass but money is money.

So, there you have just a few options you can use. You don’t necessarily need to have borked a project to do any of this. You can simply rewrite some of your old stuff you have sitting around and do it that way.

What do you guys think? Will anyone respond to any of this at all? Let’s hear some feedback.

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