Paid Social Media Jobs

If you follow this poor blog that’s not updated near as often as it should be, I hope you know when I put something on here, I’ve checked it out myself.

This one is something that not all of you will want to check out but some of you might, that’s the only reason I’m including it.

Paid Social Media Jobs will seem a bit scammy as similar “make x per month” type jobs do but I just did a trial run of this and really, it was better than I expected. There’s a ton of stuff available at any given time and it’s very easy stuff to do.

It’s boring stuff, that’s for sure. A lot of it is leaving YouTube comments, sharing Facebook pages and things like this. If you sit at home most of the time and enjoy doing this sort of thing, you might like it.

I made $30 in a day doing some easy promotional stuff but I will tell you honestly I didn’t enjoy it much. It’s just not my thing. I don’t play many Facebook games, don’t even remember my Twitter account login information and typically view most social media with a combination of disdain and boredom. I don’t like seeing that my cousin had a philly steak sandwich for lunch along with updates each bite. Some people do I guess.

My jobs consisted of posting a bunch of YouTube comments on dog videos linking to a dog products site. Spammy? I’m not really sure on this one. It IS providing something that could be useful to dog owners and it IS relevant so I didn’t feel like a bad guy doing it.

Paid Social Media Jobs falls into that category that I do not like. It’s a “pay us this fee to access our jobs” category. If you know me at all, I advise against doing anything like this.

So, you ask, why the hell would I even put it here? Well…it CAN make you money if you put in the time to do it. It’s more reliable than some other places that you have to join and they do pay. I’m proof of that.

Basically this website comes down to:

Try the $1 trial membership if you think this kind of work appeals to you. People outside the US can do this, I asked customer support.

If you like it, you might as well pay the fee and have full access. You should be able to make that fee back within about a week.

Don’t like it? Cancel IMMEDIATELY. They will bill you when they say they will. Read the terms, read the terms, read the terms. People don’t read it then they get mad (at me). Just take the time! It’s not hard.

I’ve gotten a couple PM’s about this company and it seems a lot of their jobs are total garbage. It’s VERY hit or miss and you might see a lot of recycled garbage from Freelancer or Odesk. BE CAREFUL if you do the trial. I don’t want to send you guys in the wrong direction.

Paid Social Media Jobs

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