Tips For Using Dragon. You should use it. Really.

So this will be my last post about Dragon Naturally Speaking. I went in-depth about it a couple posts back. It’s kind of expensive but a great investment if you actually do work online and want to save wrist pain, arm numbness and general “I’m Sick To Death Of Typing” malaise.

Anyway here’s some tricks I’ve learned to be more productive with it.

1. Turn off the TV. Even if it’s across the room it will change your thought processes and create unwanted background noise. You don’t want to insert random lines of a show in your work accidentally.

2. Use substitute words. I do a lot of “review” type articles with specific product names. Dragon doesn’t like product names. Substitute products with some weird word that wouldn’t come up for any reason. I use “hippopotamus” in place of say….a business name. When the document is done, find and replace that word with the real name. Simple and saves a lot of frustration.

3. Enunciate. If you talk like you have a mouthful of gravel, you’re gonna have some issues. Speak clearly. This actually benefits you at fast food drive thru windows and those asshole telephone voice rec menus that everyone on Earth hates.

4. Get a good mic and figure out optimal placement. I use a spliced Xbox 360 headset. It’s perfect but I know if I shelled out $20 on a better one, I’d have better results. Use what you have laying around first. This program isn’t so good with laptop’s built in mics unless you have a very loud voice.

That’s all for now. I’ve worked online since 2005 and I wish I wasn’t such a cheap ass all these years. Dragon works. I don’t recommend much, especially stuff over 20 bucks (I’m cheap remember?) but this DOES work.

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